Monday, July 30, 2012

Can we make things happen - Part 2

There was a reason why I wrote my previous post 'Can we make things happen' at that particular time, the morning of 29th July, 2012, to be precise. I have been planning to record this experience of mine for the past several years but have always been outsmarted by my sense f frustration. But I made it a point to write this on this date for a specific reason.

I live in a city called Chennai located in India. The Real Estate Promoters of this place make it a point to take their prospective buyers to the sites they are trying to sell, show them the place, outline the advantages (both real and imaginary) and try to convince then that buying a piece of land at that place would be the best investment of their lifetime. They offer attractive incentives for instant booking of a plot of land which should be done by paying an advance in cash. I went for such a show. The place was ok for investment and I decided to book one plot of land. The real estate dealer has a scheme of lucky dip through which one of the buyers who win the lucky dip will get a plot of land equal in area to the one he/she has bought. (The 'free land' comes with its own tags which will become visible only if you win the lucky dip, but this is another matter.)

I visited the site on 22nd July, When I made the advance payment by cheque, I was told that only those who paid cash (the term cash would denote only currency notes, not even a banker's cheque!) were eligible to participate in the lucky dip and that those who chose to pay by cheque would be eligible to participate only in the draw to be held the following week (after the real estate dealer got the amount credited to his account!) I was told that I should be physically present for the draw as otherwise my name won't be included.

Initially, I was annoyed at the thought of spending another Sunday visiting  the site again. But since that was the only way I would get a chance to be a lucky winner and the real estate promoter very generously offered me a free ride to the place, I decided to make the visit. One day before the day of visit, a thought occurred to me that since I would be spending my time visiting the place again, I should get the purpose of my visit. That meant that I should be the lucky winner for the day!

Once the seed of this thought germinated in my mind, I felt the thought growing stronger by the minute. I thought I should reinforce my belief. And what better way to do this than to record the earlier event of my winning a draw! So, I wrote the post on the morning of my visit.

I visited the place and waited patiently till the lucky dip was announced. I was given a token numbered 45. And the draw was held and the winning number was announced. It turned out to be 45!

Surprisingly, I was not surprised. It was as if I knew the result already and was  expecting to hear it. Did this strong feeling of mine ensure my success? Possibly. But if you ask me how, I can't answer. I have been wondering whether if I can condition my mind to success in whatever I do whether I can  always win. It looks very much possible. I will share my future experiences in course of time.

If you don't see any more posts on this topic, it may be due to 3 reasons:
1) I have not been getting  more successes.
2) I have been getting successes but my sense of procrastination has prevailed over me.
3) I have been getting successes so consistently and so frequently that I have no time to write more posts!

So, don't jump to conclusions. And if you do, assume number 3 to be the case!

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